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      Faith and happiness pick the opportunities from the daily activities of people. Like waking up in the morning or after a midday nap. The first thing people look for and strive for is to drink tea or coffee.Β  Faith and happiness articulate this and find a way to spread the positive words of Jesus using the printed mug.

      People who are ardent followers of Jesus, will cherish this printed mug by seeing the quotes of the gospel. These printed mugs will become a way to start a positive day from the quotes of Jesus.

      The mug has different colors like black, and red, and is made of ceramic. These ceramic mugs not only have a design, but colorful rim handles as well. And also the mug is safer with a dishwasher and microwave.

      Faith and happiness always give faith to people who seek the Holy Father. Throw all your worries to Jesus. Let him heal your sufferings. One of the sayings of faith and happiness.