Faith And Happiness is a unique, exclusive Christian clothing brand that deals in retail apparel - for men and women - with a vision to spread the word of Jesus and the Gospel. We are a faith-based apparel company dedicated to creating awareness about the Christian faith and bringing people together.

We use our expertise and knowledge to design unique and inspiring Christian apparel, including but not limited to: tees, babywear, accessories, hoodies, bottoms, mugs, etc. We offer an extensive range of ready-to-wear clothing with designs heavily influenced and inspired by the word of God.

Our Mission

Our goal is to reach out and attract Christian individuals – men and women – by offering them eye-catching, unique, trendy, and stylish apparel to complement their style and personality while also conveying the message of faith. We want to serve people utilizing the life-changing wisdom of the Bible. There is a unique, faith-based meaning behind every design that we create. Through our Christian apparel store, we want to guide people towards true faith - Christianity.

Our Vision

At Faith And Happiness, we believe the God wants us to live an upright life devoted to the noble cause and teachings of Christianity. God has selected us – the believers - to serve a specific purpose. Hence, we can lead a spiritually rewarding life. This is why we have launched a clothing brand that reflects our devotion to the true faith. Our 100% genuine products help people to appreciate and connect with their Christian faith in style, like never before.