God works in mysterious ways. My mother always brought me to church practically every Sunday as a child. Children would be dismissed from the regular service and I would attend Sunday school and hear various bible stories from my beloved Sunday school teacher Ms. Casperson. She was a much older soft spoken lady who care about all her students. I remember her to this day like it was yesterday because the way she told those Bible stories introduce me to a God that made me feel safesecure and at peace, while my environment was not so peaceful. I was seven-years-old at the time. She was spreading the word. Little did I know the profound effect she would have on my life.

Fast Forward to High school. I got a scholarship to go away to a prestigious Boarding School . I was the poor kid. However, as prestigious as it was ,the students did drugs , drank alcohol , and took mind altering substances. In addition, sexual promiscuity was regular behavior among my class mates. Temptation was high. I keep remembering Frank saying “I had sex 3 times with my girlfriend today already ,I am going for four” laughing loud. The age was 14 to 18 years old. I must admit I felt from grace with regards to having a sexual encounter.

However, one thing kept me grounded, it was Chapel on Thursdays. The Minister would say a scripture or two and add a story with the scripture. It reminded me of Ms. Casperson. He was Spreading the Word of God. All of a sudden, I felt the same peace I felt when I was seven years old at Sunday school. It was a comforting feeling. A feeling that allowed me to overcome four years of serious temptation and a whole lot of trouble. Many of my class mates were suspended, expelled and even ended up with severe psychological issues.

did not have the ability to tell stories like Ms. Casperson, however I held tight to the bible scriptures. It allowed me to create Faith and Hapinesss.com. Which, Ironically, allows me to Spread the Word like Ms. Casperson did when I was seven years old. I only hope the Bible verses on the Christian Clothing and Apparel gives the customers the same feelings of peace, comfort and safety I received during times of serious trials and temptations. I thank Jesus Christ for all he brought me through.

Yours Truly,

Disciple of Jesus